How to Watch Football online on Android with Acestream

How to Watch Football online on Android with Acestream

Ace Stream is also available on Android, which means you can use it to watch live sports on your phone or tablet.

1. Download and Install Acestream for Android from this link, or find on Google Play store.
2. After installed, open the Ace Stream Engine app.
3. Tap the ⋮ icon (three dots).
4. Tap Enter Content ID.
5. Input a content ID and tap OK.
--> Go https://streammad/streams, open the match you want to watch, click and copy the link of Acstream links section to get the content ID, then play with the application.

Cast Ace Stream From a Phone or Tablet to a TV

Cast Ace Stream Using Chromecast or Apple TV
If you have a Chromecast, Fire Stick, Apple TV, or other compatible device hooked up to your TV, it will show up as a player option after you enter a content ID into your Ace Stream app.
Just tap on Chromecast or your other device, and Ace Stream will send the video stream to your device.
Once the streaming process is underway, you can tap the remote icon in Ace Stream to control playback of the stream.

Cast Ace Stream Using Kodi
If you use Kodi to stream video to your TV, there's even an Ace Stream add-on that allows you to use Ace Stream content IDs right in Kodi.

If you need to play Acestream on PC/Mac, click here to get the instruction.

Live Matches

Spars Sarajevo – SplitSpars Sarajevo – Split
16:30(Adriatic League)
Montpellier (W) – Landes (W)Montpellier (W) – Landes (W)
16:30(France. Women. LFB)
Kiel – Balingen Weils.Kiel – Balingen Weils.
16:30(Germany. Bundesliga)
Larisa – PAS GianninaLarisa – PAS Giannina
16:30(Greece. Super League)
Stroitel (Izhevsk) – Voskhod (Salekhard)Stroitel (Izhevsk) – Voskhod (Salekhard)
16:30(Russia. Night Hockey League)
Apollon Smirnis – LamiaApollon Smirnis – Lamia0:1
16:30(Greece. Super League)
World Cup, SzekesfehervarMenWorld Cup, SzekesfehervarMen
16:30(World Championship)
Barsy (Chita) – Tekhkomplekt (Ryazan')Barsy (Chita) – Tekhkomplekt (Ryazan')
16:30(Russia. Night Hockey League)
Atromitos – Volos NFCAtromitos – Volos NFC
16:30(Greece. Super League)
Slovan Duslo – HlohovecSlovan Duslo – Hlohovec
16:30(Slovakia. Extraliga)
OFI – PanaitolikosOFI – Panaitolikos2:2
16:30(Greece. Super League)
LKHK Zubovo (Klinskiy) – Sputnik (Vologda)LKHK Zubovo (Klinskiy) – Sputnik (Vologda)
16:30(Russia. Night Hockey League)
Guadalajara – AdemarGuadalajara – Ademar30:26
16:30(Spain. Liga ASOBAL)
LKHK Baykalskiy Aysberg (Irkutsk) – Alga (Ufa)LKHK Baykalskiy Aysberg (Irkutsk) – Alga (Ufa)
16:30(Russia. Night Hockey League)
Lugo – MirandesLugo – Mirandes2:1
16:30(Spain. Segunda Division.)